How Coaching Works




The U.S. immigration system can be overwhelming. Do you think you are ready to become a U.S. citizen, but aren’t sure where to start? Citizenship Coaching is a partnership between an aspiring citizen with an individual from our community who desires to help. Our coaches don’t provide legal advice, but rather support and guide immigrants through the process. 


Benefits of the Program

  • Help an aspiring citizen realize his or her dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen with all its rights and responsibilities.

  • Create partnerships throughout our communities at a grassroots level. Help build relationships and break down barriers.

  • Any adult can provide assistance (no legal training necessary) since the focus is on helping applicants get organized and prepare for the English and civics tests.


How Does it Work?

  • Immigrant Assist will pair up a U.S. Citizen “Coach” with an immigrant citizenship Applicant.
  • The Applicant is responsible for first confirming if she is eligible to naturalize. She can use a free online Eligibility Tool, use Immigrant Assist’s paid attorney review service, or consult elsewhere with an immigration attorney.

  • The Coach will get in touch with the Applicant and set up a phone conversation or in-person meeting at a public location.  A public library is a good meeting location.

  • At the initial meeting, the Coach will go over the general naturalization process, provide a detailed checklist, and discuss any specific concerns. Together they will set a target date to file the application.

  • At every meeting, the Applicant and Coach will agree upon all of the tasks that will be completed before their next meeting. They will set the date for their next meeting.

  • The Coach will help the Applicant gather the necessary documents for their application. (However, the Coach cannot help fill out forms.)

  • The Applicant will fill out her citizenship application either by hand or by using an online tool such as provided by CitizenshipWorks.

  • The Applicant will print out her N-400 form and the Coach will help the Applicant organize all of the supporting documents and mail the application in to USCIS.

  • The Coach will help the Applicant improve her English as needed.

  • The Coach will help the Applicant study for the Civics test. (Use USCIS material and other free resources).

  • Optional: The Coach will help the Applicant raise money for the application filing fee or attorney review through a fundraiser.

Need help navigating the naturalization process?


Do you desire to help immigrants become U.S. citizens?